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Mission Statement

Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and awaiting His return, we, the Shiloh SDA Church of Charleston, S.C., actively seek to promote and cultivate the development of Christian character through motivation, training, commitment, involvement, and outreach.


Historical Sketch of

Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church


It was in the year of 1912 during the early evening that area residents were attracted to a big gospel tent pitched by Charles G. Manns and his associates, William H. Maynar and F.A. Osterman.  People from far and near flocked to the tent to hear the beautiful music, vocal and instrumental, and to be moved by the strangely marvelous Advent message presented by the persuasive singing evangelist, a dynamic speaker and man of God, C.G. Manns.  News of these meetings spread like wild fire and large numbers of people from all over the city found their way to the tent.  The number of people who accepted the Advent message during this effort cannot be ascertained, but there were several baptisms.  This is the beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Charleston as recalled by the some of the first converts.


The first meeting place was a building on the southwest corner of Canon and St. Phillip streets.  Church services were held in the large store on the first floor.  The second floor served as living quarters for the evangelistic team.  Another effort was conducted on the east side of the city on Nassau Street between Cooper and Harris Streets.  The membership was increasing and the meeting place was moved to one of the large labor halls.  A church school was opened in the Carpenter’s Hall on Line Street with an enrollment of close to two hundred children. 


Along with operating the Mission School, as it was called, the church members aided the needy in the community and raised money to buy a lot and build a church.  A lot on Nunan Street bordering an estuary of the Ashley River was purchased as the site for the first church building.  In 1936, the church building was in disrepair and the tax for paving the street posed a great problem.  The church was closed and services were held in rented quarters.  The church then moved to another location on Line Street.


The following pastors were instrumental in the growth of our church from 1912 to 1968: Strother, J.A. Bookhart, Soaries, Connolly, Martin, John Green, Curtis, W.H. Winston, Joseph Richardson, O.S. White, F.A. Osterman, F.L. Bland, Body, McNichols, M. Green, Johnson, Hasting, R.E. Tottress, and M. Phipps and Vanderberg.


In October 1968, the first services were held at 1190 King Street.  Bro. William McNeil found the church and it was dedicated by Pastor Fred Nealy.  We worshipped at that facility for thirty-seven years.  In March 2005, we purchased and moved to our current location that consists of two sanctuaries, a fellowship hall, full kitchen, gym, educational building, and an empty lot.   The following pastors made this move possible: N.B. Smith, Willie Taylor, Kenneth Moore, Mark Golson, T.A. McNealy, Philip Florence, Dante Tobias, Gary Jouette, and Harry Williams.


We thank the Lord for the many blessings that he has given us.  Our spirits remain high as we labor in this part of the Lord’s vineyard and we continue to strive towards our goal of making heaven our home.